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Caught in commuting misery

As a finance director, Andrew was used to long, slow, late-night journeys. Wanting to spend more time with his twin boys and less time in the daily grind, he waved goodbye to the painful commute... and to his mortgage too.

Caught in corporate life

Late nights, long hours and too little time at home... Cheryl had always worked in industry, but after starting a family she needed something much more flexible. Almost 10 years later, she’s getting ready for another business anniversary party!

Caught by a changing industry

Accountancy is changing – fast. Simon had seen first-hand that keeping up with the pace of change is an endless job of its own. Now he has a technical team backing his business, he’s free to focus on what matters: his clients and his growth.

Caught in a career plateau

Feel like there’s nowhere to go in your career? Vince found himself in management but with no career progression in sight. He decided to try running his own business instead, and now owns a thriving practice... where the only thing above him is more opportunity.

Caught without control

Does it feel like someone else has a hand on where you’re going in your career? Prakaash was being moved between roles in his corporate life, playing buzzword bingo in endless meetings and with no clear career plan. So he took control for himself...

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