“When people say ‘Actually you’ve made an impact, you’ve made a difference to my life’…that’s fulfilling. That encourages you to go back the next day and do more, push yourself… I’m extremely proud of my network, I’m proud of who we are…a network that genuinely cares for its clients.” – Bukky Shonola, TaxAssist Hitchin & Letchworth

Roger Bowen

"I now have a better lifestyle with less travel, better home life, higher income and immense job satisfaction"

“This has been the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Roger Bowen on his decision to join the TaxAssist Accountants network.

Roger, who has been running his franchise covering Llanelli near Swansea for 13 years has not looked back since leaving employment, and now looks after 600 clients from his modern, welcoming shop with the help of his seven members of staff.

“I was working as an accountant and growing tired of working for someone else, seeing the mistakes that were being made and knowing I could run my own business better and in a more profitable way. I wanted the extra support offered by a franchise, so I did my research and realised that TaxAssist offered all I was looking for,” says Roger.

There is no doubt that Roger is reaping the benefit of self-employment. “I was travelling 20 miles to work and back each day and sometimes when traffic conditions were bad, I could take a few hours to get there or get home or both. Sometimes I was not getting home till after the kids had gone to bed! I was never able to take them to school or attend sports days or parents’ evenings. Now I am my own boss, I dictate my daily life, from work to family. If we are busy, I can get into work really early, or work really late, but I can mix it with family responsibilities and leisure activities such as golf and cycling.”

“I now have a better lifestyle with less travel, better home life, higher income and immense job satisfaction. I cannot stress how much I love my work now! It is a pleasure to wake up and sometimes walk to the office if I am not having to go out on appointments. It really has exceeded all expectations, more than I could put into words.”

And Roger’s plans for the future? “I would love to retire at 55 with a business that is worth half a million pounds or more, four years to go and I am on target. But if someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse now and I could move my family to Australia, I would do it. I would then open up a TaxAssist franchise out there and hopefully build it into a successful business just like the one I have now!”

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