“When people say ‘Actually you’ve made an impact, you’ve made a difference to my life’…that’s fulfilling. That encourages you to go back the next day and do more, push yourself… I’m extremely proud of my network, I’m proud of who we are…a network that genuinely cares for its clients.” – Bukky Shonola, TaxAssist Hitchin & Letchworth

The Business Model

The TaxAssist Accountants franchise model is based on very simple principles.

An innovative business model

We have developed an innovative business model that allows our franchisees to focus on a lucrative market of potential clients.

The proven business model of TaxAssist Accountants is straightforward – take on hundreds of small business clients with relatively uncomplicated accounting, tax and advisory work while being based in visible, accessible and welcoming shop front premises.

By servicing the needs of small businesses, subcontractors and the self-employed, as a franchisee you can focus on a group of clients who have traditionally been neglected.

Concentrating on the needs of small business clients can offer time-management advantages and through our training and judicious use of our support functions, you can also provide first-class services to your client base.

Build a sizeable, scalable and profitable practice

Our aim is to strengthen our network with franchisees that follow our business development strategies in order to build a sizeable, scalable and profitable accountancy practice. 

These strategies are based on best practice and powerful marketing techniques that can accelerate the growth of each franchisee's business. Initially, you are likely to spend at least half your time on business development activities to grow your practice by spending more of your time attracting new clients, managing customer relationships and leading a team of staff members.

The goal is to work on the business rather than in it.

With many years of experience (since 1995) behind us, we have actively evolved our support infrastructure to enable franchisees to build their businesses in a commercially, dynamic way.

TaxAssist Glasgow

On the Discovery Day, Karl Sandall (Group Chief Executive) told me 'stick to the model, the system works'. Well I'm well and truly a converted believer.

Russell Chapman - Franchisee

Grow a valuable asset

While you are taking an ongoing income from your business, you are simultaneously building a valuable asset. When you are ready to sell your practice, we can help you realise the value of your asset and you have the knowledge that you will be able to sell at industry multiple norms and beyond.

By adhering to the business model and taking a proactive approach to marketing in your territory, you will attract clients at a considerable rate. Client acquisition will be facilitated by our unique and innovative approach to marketing which will significantly help the build-up of your fee bank.

Alongside this, we generate leads for all franchisees throughout the UK which clearly separates us from other accountancy franchises.

Franchisee Assisted Management Buy-Out

The Franchisee Assisted Management Buy-Out in 2014 was - and remains - the first of its kind. This led to the creation of an internal share site which all franchisees have access to allowing them to:

  • Trade shares
  • Access company accounts
  • Access the group strategic plan
  • Access all management information

Our franchisees are 100% engaged with the strategic vision and as shareholders have total transparency in all that the franchisor does.

Are you asking yourself:

  • How do you start an accounting business?
  • How to run an accountancy practice?
  • Where can I get help starting an accounting practice?
  • How to double my accountancy practice?
  • How do I become a TaxAssist Accountants franchisee?
  • How to set up my own TaxAssist Accountants firm?

Speak to our UK Franchise Recruitment Manager today and let's discuss the answers to your questions.

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