Clive Slater joined TaxAssist Accountants in 2013 and after 7 successful years, it was the approach of his 66th birthday that nudged him towards selling his practice, feeling that the time was right to realise his investment. 

With reflections of his time spent as a franchisee, Clive said: “I was becoming increasingly aware of my limitations with regard to embracing new technology in a fast moving industry and felt I had probably taken the business as far as I could using the older systems and methods that I felt more comfortable with. I think the fact that my preferred client was still someone who came in with a Red Cathedral Cashbook (or an Excel spreadsheet) sums it up quite well!"

After 10 years running an estate and letting agency franchise, Neale Coules-Miller (pictured below) decided it was time to seek a better fit to his personal skills base following legislative challenges in the industry.

Having just sat his final ATT exam, and with over 35 years’ business experience including 20 years spend in SME Banking and five years in SME consultancy, a TaxAssist Accountants franchise was a natural fit for Neale.

“I am familiar with franchising, and the benefits of a successful brand and support structure so I was very excited when I came across Clive Slater’s TaxAssist Chichester resale,” explained Neale.

“From first introductions to the team on a Discovery Day to now, everyone has been so helpful and knowledgeable. Clive is passing on a very well run, efficient practice, with experienced staff members, and this will provide the perfect base for further growth. I’m really looking forward to getting started and meeting with existing and new clients.”

Clive adds: “I am very excited about what Neale might achieve going forward. I think I have handed over a tidy business, with two excellent employees and a fee bank of just under £130,000 and around 250 clients, which is a sound base to build on. I am very happy that throughout my seven years we have attempted to give outstanding service to clients at a very fair price and I am unaware of a single client who was unhappy with the services we provided. 

“I want to thank the Norwich Support Centre for the wonderful assistance provided during my time as a franchisee – you are a truly great team. It is impossible to single any one employee out, because without exception, everybody gave me fantastic support whenever I needed it.  

“I have really enjoyed being part of the franchise and look forward to seeing it continue to develop and flourish.”

November 2020

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