Terry Peachman became part of the TaxAssist network in May 2002. After 20 successful years’ operating from shops in Lincoln and North Hykeham, in August 2022, he sold his franchise to fellow franchisee Paul Simpson.

Terry looks back with fond memories of his decision to join the franchise and the experience it gave him.

“I knew that my experience working for a high street bank would stand me in good stead starting my own practice,” explained Terry. “I had a couple of years of experience working as a business development consultant for a traditional accountancy practice, but when the internal politics were just as ‘interesting’ as they were in banking, I decided I’d rather work for myself and have freedom and control over my own destiny.

“I felt a franchise would be safer than going out on my own, because I’d have the support network around me, rather than be isolated and trying to make a living as a one-man band. The TaxAssist Accountants franchise was attractive to me because it allowed me to capitalise on my own skillset and draw on my experiences.

"My initial reactions to TaxAssist Accountants were that its staff were not only very welcoming and encouraging, but also – more than anything – they were open and honest with me.

“The Support Centre provides help and assistance in all areas. The technical support, in particular for me, as somebody that didn’t come from a traditional accounting background, was invaluable, as was the excellent marketing support.

“Being part of a network has provided me with the opportunity to forge firm friendships with other franchisees, with whom I have been able to seek advice and share business ideas. Since then, I have done likewise, helping and advising other franchisees in the network – several of whom have come over to see how I run my practices.

“I was also part of the TaxAssist Franchisee Forum, at which myself and other franchisees met to discuss developments and new initiatives with the Board of Directors, as well as share best practice among ourselves. At the end of the day there’s no point in reinventing the wheel if others within our network have already found successful ways to do something.

“When I joined TaxAssist Accountants back in 2002 I had no idea that it would end up delivering me a six figure income, enable me to buy two offices and ultimately allow me to cash in significant value when I sold to another franchisee in 2022.

“The franchise has more than met my expectations in all respects. I’ve had support and encouragement all the way along which enabled me to build a successful business in a way that the Support Centre predicted.

“The Support Centre has evolved over my time with them and provides a leading edge model to follow - their response during the Covid pandemic was fantastic and supported me and my clients through the most challenging of circumstances.

“I remain very proud to have been part of the TaxAssist network. Throughout all my dealings with TaxAssist, I’ve always been impressed by their complete honesty and never once have I doubted what’s been said. They have always delivered on their promises. I’d highly recommend the franchise.”

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