“When people say ‘Actually you’ve made an impact, you’ve made a difference to my life’…that’s fulfilling. That encourages you to go back the next day and do more, push yourself… I’m extremely proud of my network, I’m proud of who we are…a network that genuinely cares for its clients.” – Bukky Shonola, TaxAssist Hitchin & Letchworth

Discovery Day

The discovery day is designed to answer all of your questions about our franchise

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To learn more about how you can build a successful accounting practice, and learn more about our business model, the support that we provide and of course to meet us, we run regular franchise Discovery Days here at our Support Centre in Norwich.

Our next Discovery Days will be held on:


  • Wednesday 8th June 2022
  • Wednesday 6th July 2022 
  • Wednesday 10th August 2022

The Discovery Days are free to attend and run from 09:15am until around 4.00pm. We always ensure you get to meet the key staff at the Support Centre including one or all of the four Executive Directors.

Please be assured, there will be no hard sell, but we’re confident you will enjoy the day and will come away keen to start your journey with TaxAssist Accountants.

What happens at a TaxAssist Accountants Discovery Day? 

All of our prospective franchisees have to attend a Discovery Day before we would consider awarding a franchise. It’s a two-way process that gives you a chance to meet with us to see if the business opportunity is right for you and vice versa.

At the end of a TaxAssist Accountants Discovery Day, you will have the opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting. Here you will be able to ask us any questions personal to you about the franchise, in private, and to discuss your next steps if you wish to find out more about joining us. We are always on hand for follow up questions and queries. Our mission is to give you the information and facts and let you go away and do things in your own time.

We recognise that investing in a franchise is a big decision, not just for you but also for your family, and you are welcome to bring a guest with you when you visit us, whether it be a business partner or a family member, that way they can learn first-hand about us and of course to meet us too. To book your place onto one of our Franchise Discovery Days, simply complete our Application Form here.

Once you have had time to digest the information we provide you with, the next step is to work on both your financial business plan and written marketing plan, (templates are provided for both). We will guide you through your research and assist you with your planning towards your chosen training course.

Top topics on a Discovery Day:

  • Our history and what makes TaxAssist a unique franchise
  • What do I receive for my franchise fee?
  • The TaxAssist network
  • Our award-winning training
  • The support we provide to make your business a success
  • Meeting the banks and bank funding
  • How to market and develop your business successfully
  • Our Business Plan
  • And anything else you would like to know!

Franchisee feedback on the Discovery Day:


Andy Slade - Franchisee in Stockport

I had heard about TaxAssist and it went onto a shortlist which ultimately lead to my wife and I attending a Discovery Day. We were both really impressed, not only with the depth of the support TaxAssist can provide but also - and importantly - the culture, a friendly positive can-do team who care about their franchisees. Having completed the initial training course, I can say the support promised on the Discovery Day now only feels like the tip of the iceberg, everyone has been great!

Amit Joshi - Franchisee in Chesham

Ready for a change from my usual commute into central London and having seen the shop fronts on the high street, I started to do my research into TaxAssist and attended a Discovery Day. It was much better than I expected - I assumed it would be ‘hard sell’ but this was not the case. The day was very informative and an essential part of my research into the opportunity.

Daniel Wu - Franchisee in Welling

On the day, I was pleasantly surprised that people at the support center were genuinely warm, welcoming and friendly. There was no hard sell about the business model. They were open, honest and transparent. I had the impression that TAA is like a family run business where there is encouragement to grow and be successful. I knew that I had found the right place. There was no doubt that I wanted to join and start my business with TAA in a shop front.

Cheryl Hopkins - Franchisee in Nuneaton & Tamworth

TaxAssist Accountants was by far the best franchise that I looked into. When I attended a Discovery Day, the team at the Support Centre were genuine and open which gave me confidence that they would provide the promised level of support. It was a very relaxed day and had a real family feel to it, as they really cared about you making the right decision for you. It was not pushy and there were no sales techniques to force you into the franchise route.

Praveen Tyagi - Franchisee in Manchester

It was informational as well as interactive so technically again, if you’re asking the questions, they’re more than happy to answer you. They’re sharing the model, they’re sharing how the business works. They in fact share, I remember, their financial accounts at that time, which you normally wouldn’t share with some probable clients, but they are so transparent, that’s the beauty of it, there’s no hidden agenda at all.

Ravi Taggar - Franchisee in Kettering

"I am so glad we went, and we realised there was a reason that TaxAssist Accountants win so many awards on a regular basis! Both of us just ‘clicked’ with everyone we spoke to in Norwich. Questions we asked were answered honestly and frankly, and the fact that the directors played a large part in the presentations showed the commitment they have to their franchisees, and that they do actually care. Don’t forget they are vetting you too!"

Mark Gibbs - Franchisee in Southend-on-Sea

I would just recommend to everyone to come along and see for yourselves, there’s no commitment at all involved on a discovery day, it is just an opportunity for you to find out some more information, but also for them to get to know you a little bit as well. I remember Karl saying at the time, they don’t sell franchises, they award them, so that should tell people it’s not a hard sell.

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